M15 (pREP4) Strains

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    M15 (pREP4) Genotype 

    M15[pREP4]genotype:derived from a strain K12, Nals strs rifs thi- lac- ara- gal+ mtl- F- recA+ uvr+ ion+ [pREP4 KanR]

    M15 (pREP4) Information

    Resistance: Kan

    Medium: LB

    Strain: E.Coli

    Culture conditions: 37centigrad aerobic, LB

    Plasmid transformation: 42centigrade heat shock

    Storage: 20% glycerin at -20 centigrade

    Applications: For pQE vectors protein expression

    More information: Expression under induction of IPTG

    M15 (pREP4) Description

    M15 strain contains a recombinant plasmid Prp4 containing a trans lac inhibitor to ensure highly regulated expression. Strain M15 [prep4] carried an inhibitory plasmid, prep4, which expressed lac inhibitor at a high level and trans inhibited the protein expression before IPTG induction. The stability of the plasmid was maintained by kanamycin resistance screening. M15 was successfully transferred into M15 by LB at 37 centigradeand heat shock at 42 centigrade In general, IPTG could make the strain express protein efficiently.


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