DiagPoly™ Amine Fluorescent Polystyrene Particles, Green, 10 µm - 1 mL

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    DiagPoly™ Amine Fluorescent Polystyrene Particles, Green, 10 μm 

    are encapsulated with green fluorophores (excitation: 460 nm, emission: 500 nm) and functionalized with amine groups (NH2) on the surface for the covalent attachment of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids. The density of liquid suspension

    is 1.05-1.06 g/mL. Sonicate/Vortex the microspheres before each use.


    Used as standards or markers, in immunoassays (such as latex agglutination

    assays and solid phase enzyme immunoassays), or coated with proteins for use in

    research and diagnostic tests.

    Diameter: 10 μm

    Functional Group: Amine

    Concentration: 1% w/v

    Absorption Max: 460 nm

    Emission Max: 500 nm

    Storage Buffer: De-ionized water containing a small amount of surfactant and 2mM of sodium azide

    as an anti-microbial agent.

    Storage: 2-8°C in the dark. Do not freeze.

    Advisory: To achieve optimum particle suspension, resuspend by vortexing before use.