Snailase (enzyme cocktail) - 1 gram

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    Snailase is a mixture of 20-30 enzymes which mainly contain cellulase, proteolytic enzyme, pectinase, etc. It is used for hydrolysis, digestion as well as other applications.

    Solubility: 200 mg/ml in water

    Form: Lyophilized

    Storage: 2-8 °C.

    CAS Number: 9032-75-1

    Directions for use: Snailase can be used to digest the cell wall of yeast cells. Incubate yeast until it has produced thiols. After this, suspend the yeast cells in the pH 5.8-7.2 isotonic sorbitol solution. Add 30-40 mg enzyme per gram of cells, incubate at 37 °C for 1 hour to dissolve the cell wall. The efficiency of digestion is greater than 90%.