ADVANTAGE Mounting Media (Permanent) - 30 mL
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    “Advantage” Mounting Media is a unique permanent mounting media designed for coverslipping specimen
    slides without requiring alcohol dehydration and xylene clearing steps, slides are simply mounted from water.
    “Advantage” is especially applicable to coverslipping all IHC stains such as DAB, AEC, Permanent Red and
    Fast Red, BCIP/NBT stains as well as all special stains and immunofluorescence (IF) stains. “Advantage”
    hardens quickly and mounted slide preparations are ready for microscopic examination in 10-minutes.

    Advantage mounting media is formulated for permanent mounting (coverslipping) of slides without the need
    for alcohol dehydration and xylene clearing pre-steps. Advantage permanently preserves IHC stains, special
    stains and fluorescence stains and is suitable for coverslipping tissue sections, cell smears and cyto-spins for
    indefinite storage. Advantage is a universal mounting media applicable to permanent preservation of most
    dyes and chromogens including alcohol soluble chromogens and stains such as AEC, Fast Red, Fast green
    and BCIP/NBT chromogens. Advantage is also suitable for mounting alcohol insoluble stains such DAB,
    Permanent Red and New Fuchsin and others. Slides mounted with Advantage mounting media do not fade
    and last up to thirty (30) years.
    Advantage mounting media is uniquely useful for mounting delicate special stains such as Neutral Fats stain,
    crystal violet stain and thioflavin T fluorescent stain and others.
    Advantage is also suitable for mounting immunofluorescence stains.
    Specimen stained with FITC, R-PE, Cy3, Cy5 Texas Red and other tandem fluorochromes can be coverslipped and
    preserved with this mounting media.

    “Advantage“ is intended for the coverslipping stained biological specimen. It is intended to be applied with
    coverslips. It can also be used for making wet mounts.

    Storage conditions: Room Temperature